The Mumtaz Mahal

Mumtaz.MahalMumtaz.MahalMumtaz.MahalMumtaz.MahalMumtaz.MahalMumtaz.MahalMumtaz.MahalMumtaz.Mahal Mumtaz.Mahal Mumtaz.Mahal I came across these pics of the Mumtaz Mahal and I wanted to show you this luxurious boutique hotel in Essaouira, Morocco. We had an absolutely amazing time at this gorgeous hotel, the personnel were lovely and the rooftop breakfast was one of the best I’v ever had, the view over the bay and the morning sun was just spectacular.
It’s been extremely busy lately (you can tell by the lack of posts!), I’v been moving house and I’m just about to start an awesome new job! This year has been all about change and progress, how are you finding 2013? Baci xxx


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