Backstage with Queen Westwood

Backstage.Vivienne.WestwoodBackstage.Vivienne.WestwoodBackstage.Vivienne.WestwoodBackstage.Vivienne.WestwoodBackstage.Vivienne.WestwoodBackstage.Vivienne.WestwoodGetting the chance to interview Vivienne Westwood, a legend and one of the most historically important designers ever, was really a dream come true. The Queen of rebellion was actually quite lovely and at the same time hard and head strong, she has an inner strength that shines through her and her words, she likes to be contrary to popular opinion and certainly speaks her mind without filtering anything. The show was full of sports themes and football players with fake black eyes and bruised faces, finishing with prom king ensembles. I ended the day interviewing Thom Browne after the Moncler Gamme Blue show which was also fun! Baci xxx
Check out the interview here!


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