Backstage @ Neil Barrett

Backstage.Neil.Barrett.AW13Backstage.Neil.Barrett.AW13Backstage.Neil.Barrett.AW13Backstage.Neil.Barrett.AW13Neil.Barrett.AW13Neil.Barrett.AW13 If you’ve been following me on Twitter @thepeoplesreign you would have noticed that I’ve been running around Mens Fashion Week like crazy doing loads of interviews for HERO magazine! Day 1 started with an interview with the king of rock & roll cool John Varvatos, he was very calm, genuine and intelligent, the backstage mirrored his attitude, everybody was relaxed and doing their thing in a quite manner. I didn’t get to see the show because I had to scoot over to the other side of the city to Neil Barrett, after getting lost a little miss-hap, I found the place and finally got backstage after waiting outside in the freezing cold for an extremely long time with only skinny jeans a thin silk Versace mens shirt to keep me warm under my coat. Once inside the cool streamlined world of Barrett was a beautiful site, gorgeous models lounging about waiting for their hair & make-up and Niel racing around organizing everyone. The look board was extremely precise and linear (I’ve never seen one so perfect). Neil himself was absolutely lovely, funning, brilliant and creative, all the while down to earth deep and humble. The show was divine and the quality of the cloths was apparent from 5 meters away.
See the John Varvatos interview here!
& Neil Barret here! Here’s the smoking show soundtrack! Baci xxx


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