All I want for Christmas…

Christmas.Wish.List1. Diptyque candles in Biaes for cozy winter nights with Sex & the City and red wine
2. Saint Laurent Paloma sandal in black suede and gold lame for late night champagne driven escapades
3. Leica M to capture smiling faces, fairy lights and party dresses
4. Tom Binns gold mini safety pin earrings with black pave for delicate punk rock details
5. Michel Kors Gold foil cable knit for after work drinks with the girls
6. Saint Laurent black leather motorcycle jacket for those days when you need a tough edge and at the same time a protective exterior
7. Kilian Cruel Intentions eau de parfum for sexy confidence on a play date
8. Super Lucia Francis sunglasses for the perfect cat eye
9. Vionnet silk crepe Jumpsuit for girl meets boy cool
10. Prada trolley for extravagant holidays
11. Lanvin statement eagle necklace for high flyers
12. Alexander Wang Devere bag for functional elegance
Baci xxx


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