Quintessential Bad Ass

Girls can’t help falling for bad boy charm. I was looking through the SS2013 Menswear shows and I couldn’t help but notice some of our favorite bad ass’s exemplified in the shows…

Bad Ass #1 (First row Louis Vuitton)
The Wealthy Bad Seed ie. Chuck Bass (GG)
Exquisite taste for bespoke suits and a certain type of posture and accent that only old money can breed, everyone wants to be whisked away by a Louis Vuitton clad Chuck Bass.

Bad Ass #2 (Second row Philip Lim)
The Jock ie. Tim Riggins (Friday Night Lights)
A toned physique, drive and passion, who wouldn’t want to be the focus of Tim Riggins attention, especially in down time attire by Philip Lim.

Bad Ass #3 (Third row Doir Homme)
Gangster Bad Boy ie. Jimmy Darmody (Boardwalk Empire)
A dangerous fling with Jimmy Darmody dressed in a Dior Homme suit is sure to be on most girls fantasy lists.

Who’s your fav bad ass?


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