Sunday night life lessons

I just started working for BeOriginale a really cool blog that you have to check out! They also just published ‘Vintage Heaven in London‘ my first post for the site!
I’v finally found a job I love doing and it’s really changed everything. I generally feel happier about life and I also feel a little more respect for myself, for some weird reason. At the beginning of the year I radically changed my life by leaving my well-paid, secure retail job to follow an instinct, which was risky as I didn’t have another job at the time, but I wanted more, I wanted to have a job that I enjoyed doing and I didn’t want to settle for less anymore and luckily enough it paid off and now I’m in a new job and happy as can be! I know now that when you make a decision (a real heartfelt, committed decision) about something things always fall into place and wanting more is always worth the risk. So if you’d like my humble advise…
Be quick to make decisions and slow to change your mind…
Baci xxx
(Photos by George, last weekend in London)


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