Sydney Vs. Melbourne

Paddington stores & Bondi Beach (Sydney), below Chapel Street stores & The Lucky Coq (Melbourne)The rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne is scandalous, if you live in Melbourne you would never consider living in Sydney and vice-versa. In reality it’s very hard to say which city reigns as Australia’s most fashionable place to live. Melbourne is overflowing with extremely cool bars, cafes and restaurants, it’s fast paced and has a big city feel. The shopping is amazing and in general people are very avant garde and seem to be experimenting a lot with fashion. The best thing about Melbourne is the sheer variety of things to do and places to go eat, shop and party combined with the high energy atmosphere it’s ideal.

Sydney is slightly more relaxed due to the weather and if you can believe it, has a slightly beachy feel even with a population over 4.5 million. The food is amazing as well as the clubs and bars. The shopping is fantastic and people seem to be right on trend, tanned and sexy. Hands down the best thing about Sydney is Bondi beach and the surrounding coastline. It is honestly just gorgeous and considering that the city centre is 20min away from the beach it’s the best of both worlds.

Where would you prefer to live Sydney or Melbourne? I can’t decide and I won’t because my Sydney/Melbourne friends will kill me!


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