The Perfect Denim Short,

I was on the Gold Coast a couple of weeks ago for the Big Day Out which is one of the biggest music festivals in Australia. Needless to say the music was completely off the hook and if there’s one thing that Australians know how to do well its party. The festival-wear for girls included high waisted denim cut-offs and bustier tops or midriff baring singlets, everyone had a version of this combination. For boys it was DIY singlets and denim cut-offs to the knee. One particular pair of denim shorts caught my eye and A LOT of girls were wearing them. They were high waisted, cut really high at the front, even higher on the sides and lower on the back, it was the perfect denim short. I was really happy when I found them and discovered that they were One Teaspoon a gorgeous Australian label. I tried the “Dukes” on but unfortunately being only 159cm tall they didn’t really suit me so I’ll have to stick with the hipster version “ZZ’s” that better suit to my stature.

The high cut sides absolutely rock!


2 thoughts on “The Perfect Denim Short,

  1. Louise

    The last picture from the side. Are they “Dukes” or “ZZ”? And have you tried on the “Roller” model? I’m only 153 cm tall, so nice to read a block, that I can relate to 😉

    • The Reign

      The shorts in the last picture are Dukes, I didn’t try on the Rollers but I’v seen them and it looks like they’re high waisted but not as tight fitting at the waist as the Dukes so they would fall lower then the dukes but higher then the ZZ’s…I think they’d look good! Hope I’v helped, thanks for your comment Louise!

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