Good art is art that makes you feel something and in the end isn’t everybody just searching for feeling? To be poked emotionally and reminded that we’re alive. Recently after seeing Anselm Keifer’s ‘The seven heavenly palaces’ and Roberto Ciaccio’s Inter/Vallum installation Revenants, I couldn’t help thinking about the space that surrounds artwork and the role it plays in our emotional response.The Keifer towers are a representation of the mystical experience of the ascent through the seven levels of spirituality. Its a deep theme. The visual impact is big mainly due to the size and mass of the installation which is constructed in Hangar Bicocca (an old airplane hanger on the outskirts of Milan). I immediately saw the similarities to a slum, I was also reminded of the decaying buildings in Havana, Cuba. The feelings that poverty bring up are very humbling, raw and immense and thats the best way to describe this space. This installation is not lacking in sentiment and is definitely good art.           


One thought on “Art-felt

  1. Sonja Clark says: raw so real…reaches deep inside me and tears at my emotions…very impacting…ob to see them in all there actual glory..what a privilidge that would be…I would stand speechless and in awe…

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