Zanzibar in a coconut shell,

We just got back from one heavenly week in Zanzibar. I kept hearing people say the word “paradisiaco” in italian it means ‘like paradise’ and you can understand why, bright white sands and aqua marine colored water this place really beats every image of beach bliss you can conjure up. After the first couple of days of releasing a years worth of stress I started to feel really really relaxed (like you can’t even lift your eyebrows kind of relaxed) and then you start to feel a sense of infectious happiness that seems to follow you around, I can’t explain its just in the air. We didn’t want to leave as you can imagine, after what seemed like such a short stay. Zanzibar is apart of Africa and literally just a couple of steps out of paradise and people are living in mud houses and surviving on 40 euros a month but you can really visibly see that there conditions and quality of life are improving which is quite inspiring. (yes this is a Chewauwa and a monkey on Nungwi beach…)


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