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10th August 2011

Last words…

baci xxx

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7th August 2011

Style Icons…

Past IconsDebbie Harry, the original rock chick, oozing confidence and authentic style, I love finding vintage photos of Blondie concerts, it’s also really inspiring that basically all of her looks would still be modern and valid by present fashion standards.Bianca Jagger has an undeniable elegance and attitude this photo of her and Mick Jagger is one of my all time favorite looks.

Present Icon/obsessionDiane Kruger can this girl ever get it wrong, she is probably one of the best dressed celebrities in Hollywood and the fact that she is her own stylist and does her own make-up is beyond cool.

Conceptual IconsI love the idea of a conceptual character as a style icon and no other characters stick out in my mind as much as Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface and Penelope Cruz in Blow.

baci xxx

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Evening… 6th August 2011

The Antonioli Effect (I’m wearing Ann Demeulemeester dress, Aleaxnder wang shoes & the PINK N8)

Antonioli is more than a store for Milan it’s more like an institution. The dark tranquil interior creates the perfect atmosphere to browse through brands such as Rick Owens, Alexander Wang, Haider Ackermann, and Ann Demeulemeester. Dark but never gothic, extremely modern but never futuristic, I adore the eclectic mix of this store. Antonioli stocks a lot of brands that can only be found here within Milan, so you’re guaranteed to find something exclusive. Giovanni Rossi (an Italo-Australian like myself) shares some insight into the store and his views on fashion in this short video we made together. Rossi is currently managing the store and he has worked as a designer, stylist, buyer and visual merchandiser, he’s basically your all round fashion bad boy.

baci xxx

6th August 2011

Anastasino RulesLocal stylist Elisa Anastasino gives us a slight glimps into her world with this short but direct Q&A we did when I ran into her last weekend. Elisa colaborates with magazines such as L’Uomo Vogue, GQ Italy, Urban and Tatler. Long legs, short blonde hair and a pixie like face Elisa has a bubbly intense energy, with her extensive experience in fashion we can take her articulated word for it that she knows what she’s talking about.

(Elisa just recently featured on Stockholm Street Style)

Q. What up and coming trends have you seen for fall?

A. Mens jackets and oversize coats with ultra feminine statement jewelery.

Q. What’s been your must for this summer?

A. Hair bands: bandanas, scarves, handkerchiefs and turbans…better yet if they have colored prints.

Q. What’s your style philosophy?

A. Try to never look out of place: if your out of context you risk looking ridiculous.

Q. What does New York Fashion Week represent to you?

A. New York is my favorite city because it’s a continuous transmission of input and creative stimuli. During fashion week this city becomes the maximum power.

Q. Do you have any stylist secrets for dressing well?

A. Research and Experimentation: Don’t be afraid to observe, let yourself go and never conform to the masses.

baci xxx

29th July 2011

A Girl, a Bike and a Tutu

Meet Maya, interior designer and dreamer, on her way to a fancy dress party. I love her modern take on a ballerina and her studded converse, there’s no stardust and princesses in Maya’s fairytale ending.

baci xxx

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26th July 2011

That NYC type of feelin’

CAN NOT WAIT for New York Fashion Week…

baci xxx

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25th July 2011

Shades of Grey,

Everyday Milan seen through the Pink N8‘s lens.

I often see things and photo opportunities as i’m going about my day and I get frustrated that I don’t have a camera with me. The N8 has really changed that, now there’s no excuse not to take amazing photos where ever I am as the photos are serious real camera quality. Your phone goes where you go and so now I always have something to capture those unexpected moments.

baci xxx

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24th July 2011

Style Icon: Amy Winehouse

A tribute to an artist, a style icon and an immensely talented rebel

14th September 1983 – 23rd July 2011

20th July 2011

Skin, Lash and Lip…

(I took these photos with my new NOKIA N8, the camera settings are fantastic and give you a lot more creative control, also the editing features are quick and easy.)

NYFW Beauty Survival: (starting from left side)

1. REN, Omega 3 Night Repair Serum, replenishes the skin over night, my skin in the                         morning is visibly more plumper. Quick fix for late night NYFW after parties.

2. REN, Frankincense Revitalising Night Cream, to be used over top of serum, combined                  these products lock in hydration.

3. NARS, Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil, shine of a gloss staying power of a lipstick, great for long                hours on photo shoots.

4. Lancome Hypnose, volume and length enhancing mascara, doesn’t give you panda                     eyes after all day street style adventures.

5. REN, Active 7 Radiant Eye Gel, refreshes tired eyes and gets rid of dark circles.

Baci xxx

18th July 2011


I was thinking about things that define New York Fashion Week and this photo of Bill Cunningham and Anna Wintour basically sums up the whole theme. I love that this picture states a lot of things that can’t actually be put into words. The film “Bill Cunningham New York” is also a must see!

Baci xxx

16th July 2011

Summer = Platforms

(Gerry + Jeffrey Campbell shoes)

It’s really heating up in Milan and platforms are always essential for summer but this year they’re really having a big moment. I love the Californian vibe of Gerry’s new Jeffrey Campbell wedges. Platforms seem to always give a good base to a look and they are so much more comfortable than heels, which will be really important for the long days and nights ahead of me at NYFW!!!

baci xxx

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15th July 2011

The N8 has Landed

A big package was waiting for me when I got home today and I was thrilled to find my new NOKIA N8 along with some other goodies THANK YOU NOKIA & ELLE!!!! Can’t wait to try out this phone. First impressions; light weight, easy to hold, stream-line design. Small detail I love; the slight vibration it makes when you press the touch screen, it really gives the sensation that you’re pushing a button.

Did I mention it’s electric PINK!


Earlier…15th July 2011

Cecilia in white…

Got to love Cecilia’s relaxed elegance…

baci xxx

14th July 2011

Pride & Proscuitto…

(Me & Cecilia)

You should never get between an Italian and their prosciutto. Eating well is fundamental for Italians and they often plan their day around what, where and when they are going to eat. That’s why I love to see places like Parma & Co pop-up in Milan to modernize tradition. This ‘Prosciutto Bar’ has a huge range of cured meats and an amazing wine selection from all over Italy. Far from touristic, this place caters first to its discerning Italian clientele. I can’t wait to discover what New Yorkers approve of in terms of atmosphere, food and sopra tutto fashion!

Baci xxx

12th July 2011

Luxury Ambiance…
















Roger Vivier, Lanvin and Gucci (Via Montenapoleone & Via Della Spiga 12:30am)

Baci xxx

11th July 2011

Night Rider…

I’v been thinking a lot about the way I’d like to explore and capture New York Fashion Week (actually it’s all I can think about!) and in what ways I can show you that I’v got what it takes. I think the best way is to take you on journey through Milan, in a similar way that I would want you to experience NYFW. Not in tacky touristic way but as a meaningful experience of the essence of this city.

I wanted to start in the heart of Milan literally, Via Montenapoleone and Via Della Spiga the two most crucial streets in the golden triangle of Milan’s shopping district.

At night these streets take on a theatrical ambiance and the bright lit up window settings take centre stage as you stroll by (or ride by in my case). I love the silence and emptiness of the streets it puts you in a reflective mood and you begin to not see products but surreal golden objects, unreachable yet an arms length away.Baci xxx

10th July 2011

Day 1…

Something incredible has happened! A couple of weeks ago I entered ‘Nokia and ELLE’s Search for the next Style Correspondent’ competition, to enter all you had to do was submit a stylish photo and your blog link too easy! 8 winners will be whisked away to New York Fashion Week to cover fashion shows, interview designers and basically live a fashion dream with a spread in ELLE to complete the package. The news came that I got into round #2. Not thinking too much of it, the next step was to write a 250 word essay on what you’d bring to NYFW and why they should pick you. Then something quite unexpected happened, I MADE IT INTO ROUND #3!!!!!!! I never expected to get this far. I am one of 50 bloggers chosen from hundreds! The next step is to create a “Style Portfolio” over the next month to show the judges (including Bryan Boy) what I’m made of. Nokia is also sending us the new N8 PINK to help create it. I am SOOO excited (seriously I haven’t been able to sleep for the last two nights). Deadlines bring out the best in me and as an indecisive Gemini I have some procrastinating tendencies so I’m really grateful for the extra push to create something amazing.

Also ‘Likes’ make a difference in the competition, so if you feel inclined, please click on the image above and press ‘Like’ so you can help me win this most amazing competition and I’ll be forever grateful! Fingers crossed!!!

baci xxx


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