High Voltage Versace

The Versace menswear SS2012 show was held last night at Gianni Versace’s ex villa in Via Gesu 12. A transperent tent covered the courtyard turned catwalk creating a very bright luminous space, the extra light created a rather natural setting, unlike the surreal dream like sets that we are used to from Versace.

After spying a myriad of fashion heavy weights, I was almost ready to take my  ‘standing’ position when he appeared…Chace Crawford a.k.a Nate Archibald, I bolted into the herd of photographers trying to capture his best angle but as I started to hear the music sound and realized I was delaying the show and I raced back to the sidelines. Distracted by Chace I was lost for a few minutes as fresh-faced models started pounding the catwalk to a fist pumping beat, in a flurry of vintage 80s Versace. High voltage colours and rich embellishments abounded, I loved the black suit with gold buckle details, the show was a real Gianni tribute.









The show finished and I wanted to get a last sneak peek at Chace and as I was stalking him I just happened to capture this video:

He wasn’t as tall as you would expect and he didn’t even seem that muscular but he had an intensity to his gaze that was undeniable as I caught his eyes just for a second…


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